Mid 60’s inspired log, with mid-point set toward the tail. With wide tail and narrower nose, the 8023 excels in both hollow and mellow wave conditions. Committed to tighter, refined adjustment in the pocket, the 8023 is our go to longboard for intermediate loggers and above.

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When a fish isn’t a fish, it’s a Superblob! The newest member of our shortboard family fills the void for tiny and mellow surf. Similar dimensions and rocker line to our South Island Fish model without the retro feel. Width, volume and backfoot feel equate to a user-friendly shortboard groveller. Excells in EPS/epoxy construction. Ride 4 -6″ shorter than a regular shortboard.

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Count Backwurds

Wide aft and super pulled in nose, the Count’s plan shape looks just that – backwards! The most advanced in our log lineup –  Mid point set right back between your feet reduces swing weight and optimises tight rail turns in the pocket. Of course tip time is served as standard with our well respected Sadhana log rocker. The next level in trad longboarding.

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Schooner -A fast and agile watercraft. So to our single fin slasher! Full volume and low rocker, yet refined for tight and critical control in 2 to 6 ft. Channel bottom shape for extra bite. Best enjoyed with a namesake glass of your favourite amber liquid

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Coal Miner

Shortened, revised version of the ever popular South island fish, combining light hull entry in the front third to concave/winged vee through the tail. The result? A shorter railed,  more explosive feeling board that  maintains maximum planing and buoyancy through it’s shovel nosed shape. Excellent in knee to head high waves of all kinds. Ride nose to head high

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High performance meets user friendly, the Tubeshooter is the go to board for sucky summer shoreys and grinding reef kegs alike!  It’s relaxed rocker will project over dead sections, ready to line up the next barrel run, whilst it’s single to double concave and full performance rails make the board  lively, skatey and supremely hackable.  Grom lengths available too!


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The Jazz is a combo of all good things loggy! Wide nose and tail, and a sweet spot just aft of centre, makes for an easy surfing longboard. The style feel of a classic log.  The result?  A smooth, classy board for small to mid sized surf,that loves a driving bottom turn into long trim position. Keep your toes on the nose for longer and make swinging music.  Yeh man!

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Our easy riding, no brainer, free flowing trad longboard!  Shorter and lighter than our other log models, The Cheater is a flat rockered, robust, single fin noserider, that will snare every summer wave at your favourite break.  Soft 50/50 rail  and even tail kick give good swing off the tail, with considerably less weight than our other log models.  Oversize nose area for hangin’ up the front with ease.  A great entry board for logging newbies, lighties and glide gluttens alike.

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Our most progressive, popular and winning board for modern longboarding.  Great drive and lift through turns and rail to rail transition.  The Accelerator performs equally off the tail as well as gliding off the nose.  A longboard for all conditions and a variety of styles. Available in both P.U and epoxy construction as well as standard weight and comp weight glassing.

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The 2nd member of our hull family, the Harbourmaster takes a twist on shortboard revolution era planing hulls. Hulled entry through tail vee, the harbourmaster surfs fast and glides with a remarkably longer, narrower and buoyant feel than its dimensions. Great complimentary board for loggers. Single flex fin zing and hull entry swing, guide through soulful bottom turns and grab rail cutbacks.  Get down low, and go go go.

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We have been so wrapped on how planing hulls surf, we’ve dedicated 2 shapes, the Stumpy and Harbourmaster, to our range of models.  The first of these, the Stumpy, is a short, stubby in the Mini Simmons style.  Combining a pinched rail and 3 part bottom contour; front third hull, middle third flat and tail third exit concave/flattened planing tail.  The stumpy turns with a low centre of gravity and through the middle of the board.  Will surf superfast lines from knee to head high with ease and loves a long wall.  For both shortboarders and longboarders alike.  Be warned though…The Stumpy could possibly change your whole outlook on surfing.

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Very popular and very versatile egg shape, with glide as it’s main game.  High line trim and tube time hold, the Piggy will bring a smile to your dial no matter how big the surf or how great you ride.  Long lines and long rides a certainty.

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Absolute superior top to bottom drive and hold at speed, the Speedmaster handles what you got.  Long rail lines and mid points forward of centre for that sweet trim and long sweeping carves.  Flattened, fuller deck gets you in early on the peak.  Rule the pointbreak like your life depends on it.  Single fin soul or widowmaker drive to complement the ride.

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Oversize fish template, making for a smoth allround ride.  Perfect for the intermediate surfer or someone requiring a bit of extra float, this board is excellent off the tail, without compromising glide.  Quad/tri fin set up.  The Minimal is dead. Long live the Kingfish!

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Slot Car

Since 2006, we’ve been shaping our Slotcar model with periodic tweeks  to create the perfect performance inspired hybrid for a wide range of conditions. And with advanced material construction, we reckon 2017’s model is the best yet!  Moderate nose entry, flattened mid rocker  and relaxed tail. Combines glide with critical response; the double tail flyer making for great rippability off the tail in small to mid sized surf. Prefers to be available at arms length, ready to surf anywhere, anytime.  Quad/tri set up to let loose.  Ride 4–6” shorter than a standard thruster.   Excels in EPS/Epoxy construction.

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South Island Fish

Our flagship Keel Fin Fish – 70’s plan shape with modern foil.  This is a great blend of old and new. Features are; Low rocker entry and exit; Double concave to winged vee through the bottom, and a flat, volume heavy deck, with light performance egg rails. The result being a surprisingly loose fish, that covers all bases of glide, drive, speed and power, with a healthy dose of style thrown in. Refined over the past 10 years on the reeling points of the Mainland’s east coast, the S.I. Fish rides equally well as either a twin keel fin set up or a  progressive split-keel quad. Board size at head height or under.

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