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The Complete Adventures of Gonad Man – Mark Sutherland


This book contains all the adventures of Gonad Man, thumbing is nose and waving his sizable gonads to society. With stories ranging from inspired inanity to existential impotence and over-wrought social commentary. You will be entertained again with this full-colour collection of impressions of life from the 90’s surf scene.

Captain Goodvibes: My Life as a Pork Chop 1973-1981 – Tony Edwards


Captain Goodvibes is an animation character with a huge cult following, created by Tony Edwards.

The cartoon appeared in Tracks Magazine from 1973 to 1981.

He is a porcine, spliff-smokin’, wave-riding superhero who needs little or no introduction to the Australian surfing fraternity.

My Life as a Pork Chop is 400 pages of the very best (and very worst) of Captain Goodvibes. It includes most of his Tracks strips, all four Captain Goodvibes specials, a selection of Tony’s post-Vibes artwork, as well as a bunch of Tony’s classic anecdotes recalling the excesses of the era.

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