Surfboard Manufacturing Supplies

At Sadhana we are the South Island’s leading surfboard materials supplier.

Whether you’re a seasoned shaping veteran or a backyard expert, we have all the materials you need to craft your own board.

All orders must be emailed to:

Once your order is ready we will contact you to pick-up.

The supplies we offer are as follows:

» PU and EPS Blanks
» Fibreglass cloth and rail tapes
» Polyester and rpoxy resins
» Reicholdt gloss Resin
» Plugs and boxes
» Custom box Fins
» Resin tints
» Masking tape, squeegees, brushes, etc

Please click here for current retail prices. For wholesale and manufactures pricing, please contact us directly

PU Blanks

Stocking a range of Bennett-Dion Polyurethane blanks from 6’1″ to 10’2″.  These are considered to be the best in the world.  These blanks are known for their whiteness, small cell structure, consistent density, strength and lightness.

EPS Blanks

Pre-molded polystyrene blanks from 6’2″ to 9’8″. Stringered and unstringered sizes available.

Fibreglass Cloth and Composites

We sell by the box or metre, JPS Fibreglass cloth. Industry renowned as producing the lightest, whitest and  strongest surfboards.

Also stocking a range of additional composites and rail tapes

Polyester Resin

Polyplex laminating resin known for its consistency, clarity and price.

Epoxy Resin

Dion-Bennett’s own Cutting Edge Technology (CET) brand epoxy laminating system. Used extensively throughout Australia, CET is a quick kick, low viscosity, water clear , ultra violet inhibited epoxy laminating system designed for surf craft and high strength lightweight composites using fibreglass, aramid or carbon fibres. Application is similar to Polyester laminations – no sanding between coats!!

Reichold Gloss Resin

Reichhold is one of the world’s leading supplier of coating resins. Traditionally used by manufactures for high gloss, buffed finish coats. Reichold gloss resin is the real deal for an authentic old school look.

Custom Hand-Cut  Box Fins

Whether you’re after one fin or a whole panel of fins, we can custom foil templates to suit.  Your template or ours, we make to order. Alternatively, click here to see what’s in stock.

Plugs and Boxes 

Stocking leash plugs, 8″ and 10″ box fins for longboards and retros, as well as fin systems for single tab, twin tab and FCS2 style fins.