SURFAID – It’s the Hungry Season in Surf Paradise


It’s almost June already – can you believe how quickly this year has gone?  The air’s getting colder, the swell’s more consistent but it’s taking all your willpower to brave the biting wind in between jumper and wetsuit, and the frosty sand in between carpark and ocean.

As we gear up for winter here in New Zealand, the people of Sumba and Sumbawa in Eastern Indonesia are entering a different kind of season.  It’s their dry season. They call it ‘The Hungry Season’.

It’s 9 months long.

The changing climate isn’t helping.

But you can.

With your support, SurfAid is helping communities in Sumba and Sumbawa build water facilities and establish nutrition gardens.  Simple things like having a water tap in a village can save women and children up to 6 hours every day – time previously spent fetching water.  Nutrition gardens ensure that families have enough food to make The Hungry Season just ‘the dry season’.

With your support, SurfAid can continue our work helping communities implement sustainable, life-saving changes.

Would you please consider contributing to SurfAid’s work?


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