Our easy riding, no brainer, free flowing trad longboard! 

Shorter and lighter than our other log models, The Cheater is a flat rockered, robust, single fin noserider, that will snare every summer wave at your favourite break.  Soft 50/50 rail  and even tail kick give good swing off the tail, with considerably less weight than our other log models.  Oversize nose area for hangin’ up the front with ease.  A great entry board for logging newbies, lighties and glide gluttens alike.



Core: PU

Resin: Polyester

Deck Glassing: 6+6oz
Bottom Glassing: 6oz  

Recommended Fins:
Sadhana 9.5” Noseglider

Length Width Thickness
8'10 22 3/8" 2 7'8"
9'0" 22 1/2" 3"
9'2" 22 3/4" 3 1/8"
9'4" 23" 3 1/4"
9'6" 23 1/4" 3 1/4"