6'2" South Island Fish Floral

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6'2" x 21 7/8" x 2 3/4"


One of our prettiest fishies yet!

Our flagship Keel Fin Fish – 70’s plan shape with modern foil.

High line trim and tube time hold, this is a great blend of old and new. Features are; Low rocker entry and exit; Double concave to winged vee through the bottom, and a flat, volume heavy deck, with light performance egg rails. The result being a surprisingly loose fish, that covers all bases of glide, drive, speed and power, with a healthy dose of style thrown in. Board size at head height or under.

Deck Glassing: 6+6oz
Bottom Glassing: 6oz  

Recommended Weight: <90kg

Recommended Fins: Twin/Quad

Model Info

Love the look of this board, but what to find out more. You can head the the Red Lady Surfboard Model page here for more details, images and inspiration.

Custom Boards

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