Always wanted to hand shape your own surfboard or know someone that does?
Well come and do it with the Sadhana team!

We will be running courses over winter from July to September. In this course you’ll learn both theory of surfboard mechanics as well as the practical aspect of shaping your own board.

After you’ve successfully shaped your board, we will glass and finish it off for you.  Simple right?

Why not get Personal! Ask us about coloured tint/spray or design options for that one off touch!


What you get;

  • 3 night class (1hr theory, 4 hrs practical)

  • Design theory/ notes

  • PU Blank

  • Use of shaping tools and equipment

  • Exclusive use of a shaping bay to yourself

  • Glassing and finishing of your board. (exc. colours/tints/designs)

  • FCSII/Futures/fin boxes included, (not including fins).

  • Complimentary drink to celebrate your new creation.

Choose from 6 basic plan shapes and tailor the board to your  height and weight. We guarantee you a surfboard that will work!

See our online booking form for details/pricing.  Date and deposit will confirm booking.

Please fill in the spaces marked *. We can work out the rest with you, if you’re not sure exactly the board you’re after.

2 people per class, so spots are limited!

Note; This is a LEARN to shape class. Advanced design isn’t covered in this course.

Minimum age is 15 years old.