The Conjurors (NZ) - Hints - 12" EP

The Conjurors (NZ) - Hints - 12" EP


Label ; 1:12 Records

Genre; Surf/ Garage/ Lo-fi


The Conjurors is a noisy surf band. You could almost say "all-star" ... if the band members were a little more famous ...including Papa Crawdaddy (Cosbys, Pink and White Terraces, Plughole, Rap Dog), Brad (Teenwolf, Brand New Math), Vincent (Teenwolf, Whipping Cats), Eddie (Dictaphone Blues, Degrees K, Ruby Suns, Brunettes), and Gary (Cosbys, Ruby Suns, Tokey Tones, Brunettes)

Demented vocals, sheep dip organs and fuzzed up geetar. Sounds REAL good.

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