EP-4 - Lingua Franca - 1 - LP

EP-4 - Lingua Franca - 1 - LP



Genre; Electro/ Jazz/ Funk/ Rock


Reissue of cult album Lingua Franca-1 (originally released in 1983) by groundbreaking Kyoto band EP-4

Cool, no sweat funk.” – Those exact words are how the leaders of Japanese group EP-4 describe their music. Led by the imitable Kaoru Sato (vocalist) and Banana Kawashima (keyboardist/tape looper), EP-4 in a brief period in the early ’80s existed in its own playing field. Stylistically, and philosophically, more akin to dub-minded bands than techno-pop minded Japanese groups. EP-4 truly deserved far more notoriety than the little bit of history we do know. Although Lingua Franca-1 their proper debut full-length album points to an awesome, different take on mutant funk and post-punk, we’re still left with so much to dig through and little to actually find.

Reminiscing a freaky cross between PiL, Liquid Liquid, Bowie and Yello

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