6" (150mm) Sanding Pad

6" (150mm) Sanding Pad


Hook and loop.

6" Pads are used for sanding rails, the board (shortboards and small shapes), between the fins and tight areas.

Great for dings.

14mm Thread (Most common machine thread in New Zealand )

Medium Density Pad: Excellent all-round Sanding or Shaping Pad, the medium density will allow for minimal swirls and allow feathering, while providing enough give (flex) to sand the rails. Whilst suitable with all grades, most commonly used with 120# and 180#. Hard Density Pad: Ideal for the fast and effective removal of resin (and resin lumps) and foam.

Hard density: Shapers Pad is used for the flat ares of the board (Deck, Bottom and Fins). Recommended for use with 60#-80#.

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