Marcel Bontempi ‎– Marcel Bontempi's Haunted House - 7"

Marcel Bontempi ‎– Marcel Bontempi's Haunted House - 7"


Label ; Stag-o-Lee

Genre; Rythym and Blues/ Rocknroll/ Lounge


Throughout the years of playing or singing in bands, and still true to this day, Marcel has recorded solo material, from Rockabilly and harmonious Doo Wop to R&B, taking well known classics and warping them to his own vision or borrowing an obscure hillbilly song and adding a mambo, salsa or beat influence to the mix, making it something unique.

"Haunted House" on the A side is a self-penned '60s novelty song (lyrics by Marcels partner Paul Sheahan) and the self-penned instrumental "The Clock Strikes 3" on the flip side -- both with the wonderful Herr Doc Puky (of Ray Collins Hot Club fame) on the ghost flute. The record comes with a sturdy sleeve.

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