6'4" Trance Swirl

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6'4" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8" 36.8L


Very popular and very versatile egg shape, with glide and carve as it’s main game. 

High line trim and tube time hold, the Piggy will bring a smile to your dial no matter how big the surf or how great you ride.  Long lines and long rides a certainty. Set up as single, 2+1 or quad.

Core: PU

Resin: Polyester

Deck Glassing: 6oz
Bottom Glassing: 6oz  

Recommended Fins:
Sadhana 8" flextip
Sadhana Stubby Sides

Model Info

Love the look of this board, but what to find out more. You can head the the Red Lady Surfboard Model page here for more details, images and inspiration.

Custom Boards

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