Kinetix Epoxy Resin R104 Ultra Clear Part A

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KINETIX® R104 Ultra Clear Surfboard Laminating Epoxy System.

 R104 formulation is an ultra high clear finish with industry leading mechanical performance properties.


Can be used as Filler/Hot Coat


Clear Coating 

Timber Composites 

Full Carbon Composites

Resin Coloured Surfboard

Coloured Foam Sprayed Boards


UV Stable

Low Odor
User Friendly

Bloom-Free Finish
Rapid Fiber Wet-Out

High resistance to yellowing

Rapid Room Temperature Cure

Superior Strength over conventional epoxy systems

R104 is a Two Part system which requires a KINETIX® Hardener to cure.

The KINETIX® Hardeners Series has two option available, H130 Fast Hardener and H125 Slow Hardener.

The H130 is designed to match the production times of polyester resin.

Flip Time: 3 hours @ 25°C

Sand-able Time: 5 hours @ 25°C

Pot Life: 15 minutes

The H125 is best suited for larger or difficult laminates, vacuum bag or Infusion processes.

Flip Time: 5-6 hours @ 25°C

Sand-able Time: 8-10 hours @ 25°C

Pot Life: 35 minutes

The Speed of both systems will be dependent on ambient temperature and can vary in warmer and cooler environments.


1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume

43 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight.

For clear white surfboards we recommend KINETIX® R110 Ultra Bright Formulation.