Kinetix Epoxy Resin Eco-X R130 Part A

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KINETIX® R135 Ultra Clear Surfboard Laminating/Filler Epoxy System.

 R135 formulation is an ultra high clear finish with industry leading mechanical performance properties.

KINETIX® R135 is a solvent-free, bio-based epoxy resin.  The cured system has been independently verified 26% bio-based carbon content and components used in the manufacture of ECO-X R135 are made from renewable feedstock and by-product of exisiting industrial processes.

R135 will provide a room temperature cure for surfboard lamination of timber, EPS or polyurethane foam with standard E-Fibreglass or flax reinforcements.   .

•  USDA Certified biobased Product

•  Reduced Environmental Impact

•  Australian Made

* Independently tested by Beta Analytic Inc. to ASTM D6866-16 Method B ( AMS) to confirm 26 % bio-based carbon content in the cured system.



R135 can be used as Laminating and Filler Coat


Clear Coating 

Timber Composites 

Full Carbon Composites

Resin Coloured Surfboard

Coloured Foam Sprayed Boards


UV Stable

Low Odor
User Friendly

Bloom-Free Finish
Rapid Fiber Wet-Out

High resistance to yellowing

Rapid Room Temperature Cure

Superior Strength over conventional epoxy systems

The KINETIX® BIO 135 Hardeners.

The H135 is designed to match the production times of polyester resin.

Flip Time: 4 hours @ 25°C

Sand-able Time: 8 hours @ 25°C

Pot Life: 31 minutes

1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume 42 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight.