Kinetix Epoxy Resin R110x Brightened Part A

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KINETIX® R110X Ultra Bright Surfboard Laminating Epoxy System.

R110X has been engineered to give surfboard manufacturers the unique opportunity to make the clearest and whitest surfboards possible, whilst maintaining industry leading mechanical performance properties.

The R110X formulation is a high clear formulation with an added UV optical brightener. The optically-brightened resin enhance the brightness of boards manufactured with white EPS or PU foam blank.



Can be used as Filler/Hot Coat


White Surfboard

UV Stable

Low Odor
User Friendly
Bloom-Free Finish
Rapid Fiber Wet-Out
High resistance to yellowing
Rapid Room Temperature Cure

Superior Strength over conventional epoxy systems


Make sure you are choosing the correct Resin for you application with this easy to follow guide:

R110X is a Two Part system which requires a KINETIX® Hardener to cure. The KINETIX® Hardeners Series has two option available, H130 Fast Hardener and H125 Slow Hardener.

The H130 is designed to match the production times of polyester resin.

Flip Time: 3 hours @ 25°C

Sand-able: 5 hours @ 25°C
Pot Life: 17 minutes

The H125 is best suited for larger or difficult laminates, vacuum bag or Infusion processes.

Flip Time: 5-6 hours @ 25°C

Sand-able Time: 8-10 hours @ 25°C
Pot Life: 36 minutes

The Speed of both systems will be dependent on ambient temperature and can vary in warmer and cooler environments.


1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume
43 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight

For coloured, timber or full carbon boards we recommend KINETIX® R104 Ultra Clear Formulation. As thick coats can leave a slight blue/purple over dark colours.